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1/27/2015 1:03:40 PM - John
Hello Team,

I have question in regards to carbs/insulin/GI:

Let's say we have two athletes.

Athlete A consumes 2500 calories, 40% protein, 40% carbs of strictly low GI and 20% fat. He is exactly eating his TDEE, so just right at maintanence

Athlete B consumes the exact same calories, also 40/40/20 ratio. His carbs are coming purely from high GI carbs though. He is eating his TDEE on the point as well.

Now: Do you think that Athlete B is more prone to gaining weight, even though his calories are not above his TDEE?

I still hear people often say "high GI carbs make you fat". I know that calories in vs. out is the primary factor whether you gain, lose or keep your weight at the same level... but still, can there be differences in losing/gaining weight?

Thanks for clarification and best regards,


I'd direct this to a nutrition expert. But, I'm an expert in sports and real life nutrition.

I get what you're asking. Here's my take. if the kid is an athlete and they're always playing a sport then they're not going to get fat, despite what they eat. Now, if they're a little fat to start, cleaning up the diet will probably help.

I know as a high school and college athlete I NEVER watched what I ate. It just so happened I ate pretty well. Plenty of protein, though I never counted it. I ate a pretty balanced diet. Training took care of everything.

It would be great to be able to teach young athletes the importance of good nutrition. I try to preach it everyday. Most (95%) simply just don't care and don't listen. So, if you reach a kid, good for you.

Would it be better to eat healthier carbs instead of crap? Of course. You know that. But again, I go back to my playing days. I just ate food, lifted and practiced.

Again, post this to a nutrition expert and you'll probably get a fancy, scientific answer.

Matt Rhodes

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