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1/30/2015 12:34:36 PM - Travis
Hey Jim,

I am currently doing your "Beach" Body Challenge from T-Nation. I injured my leg about 2 months ago and could only squat 225 for one. So I set that as 205 as my training max for this first cycle. I worked up to the training max like the program said and got 225 easy. My question is before I start my next 3 week cycle should I work up to failure on squats or just add 10 lbs to my training max like you recommend. Thanks for all the help I love 5/3/1 its not like you need my approval but I am grateful for a program that is getting me to my goals. Thanks for your time.



Good to see you squatting again - always nice to have weight on your back. As for your question, I'm not sure what it is - just add 10 pounds and keep progressing from there, just as the program tells you. You aren't supposed to work to failure on any set in the program so I'm not sure where you got that idea.

Good luck and thanks for the acknowledgement as it's always appreciated.

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