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6/28/2004 - Matthew Butler
I cannot arch my lower back when going heavy on ME Goodmornings (or my last 1-2sets of heavy goodmornings as assistance work). I have great form with light weights. I have a good arch squatting or deadlifting heavy, but I cannot keep an arch in my lower back when going heavy on goodmornings. Obviously, my lower back is my weakpoint. It seems to be getting better with assistance work, I can continually sustain a good arch with heavier weight and more volume, but I feel that ME goodmornings are pointless with the amount of weight a can use with a good arch - over 150Ibs less than my max box squat. Most of my extra workouts target my lower back - band goodmornings and stiff legg pull throughs with bands (I do not have access to a RH). Any suggestions to combat this problem?

You answered your own question and bring up some good points that I think need to be addressed. If your form begins to falter on ME day, then it's time to move on. If you feel like you cannot hit heavy weights on ME day with GM's, then use them as a 2nd exercise and perform them with weight that allows you to use safe and effective form. Your ME exercises should revolve around squat and DL variations; you will make great progress using these. We have gotten away from doing a lot of ME GM's and are now using them as heavy supplemental work. While GM's are a great exercise, if you perform them incorrectly then you may get injured and your training will take a giant leap backwards.

Jim Wendler

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