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1/28/2006 -
Rear Delts w/ Blast Straps

Category: Accessory

Muscles Targeted: Rear delts

Rear Delt Pulls: This is a very challenging exercise but a tremendous way to develop your upper back. Set up the Blast Straps at the top of a power rack. Grab the handles and lean away from the rack, keeping your body straight and your abs tight. If you want to get technical, the angle (from the rack) is obtuse and is about 135 degrees. With a very slight bend in your elbows, pull the straps apart and raise yourself towards the rack until your arms form a "T". This should look very similar to a reverse fly. To make this exercise easier, bring your feet further from the rack. To make it harder, scoot your feet towards the rack.

Blast Straps

Blast your way to progress

The blast straps have now been featured in Men's Health, Men's Fitness and many other national magazines. Voted as one of the best gifts of the 2005 holiday season the Blast Straps have become a run away best seller.

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Nothing wrong with big rear delts,
Jim Wendler

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