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11/25/2005 - Vinnie
Back injury ... need help. I was pulling conventional a couple nights back. Warmed up normally, pulled a few triples, started pulling my ME singles. I'm feeling great, form is tight as it's ever been, stronger than I've pulled in a year. I load to 98% of my old max since I haven't pulled a ME conventional in a while. I blow it off the floor, faster than ever, get near lockout and BOOM. Something felt like it ruptured in my lower left back area. (Side note: stupidity took over and I finished the pull) So I look in the mirror the next day and my damn hips are crooked. The side that popped is now raised up. It hurts to sit, stand, bend, kneel, everything. Anybody, PLEASE SOMEBODY, tell me you know what might have happened and what kind of recovery/rehab I might be looking at. I was going to annihilate my old PR that night, so I'm itching to get back in the gym and do it. Any ideas how long I might be out of commission? Any help is MUCH appreciated.


First and foremost if you have any numbness or tingling in the saddle area (i.e crotch) or loss of bowl or bladder function go to the E.R. Other than that the trick is to distinguish between some type of mechanical back pain (i.e. muscle, ligament, etc.) or a more serious injury (i.e. disc) when considering the length of recovery.

Your symptoms are your guide. Do you have any pain, numbness or tingling in your legs? Or is the pain centrally located? The former is indicative of a more serious soft tissue injury and you can expect your recovery time to be greater. The elevation of your hip is caused by muscle spasm acutely.

You should follow up with your local sports M.D., chiropractor or P.T. A hands on examination is your best bet. Once you have a diagnosis and a plan of recovery you may follow-up here.

Hope this helps,
Mike Johnston

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