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2/22/2006 9:33:38 AM -
T - Shoulder Raise

T-Shoudler Raise

Category: Supplemental - Rehab

Muscles Targeted: Shoulders

T: Raise the dumbbells out so they're perpendicular to the torso (creating a T-shape)

The YTWL Complex

The YTWL Exercise: 3 sets x 8 reps of each, 2 second pause at the top of each rep, 0 seconds rest

YTWLs are a shoulder stability exercise I was first exposed to by Mark Verstegen of Athlete's Performance.

Lie facedown on a bench and perform each exercise for 8 reps non-stop, then proceed immediately to the next exercise:

Y: Raise the dumbbells up in front of you so that they end up in a Y shape in front of the torso.

T: Raise the dumbbells out so they're perpendicular to the torso (creating a T-shape)

W: Bend the arms to 90 degrees and raise and lower the dumbbells in line with the torso.

L: Holding the top of the W contraction, rotate your forearms down so your fists point toward the floor. Keeping your elbows perfectly still, externally rotate the dumbbells back to the W position.

There should be no rest between exercises!Use light dumbbells so you can maintain form.Ten pounds would be "very heavy" for this series of exercises.

Alwyn Cosgrove

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