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3/15/2006 8:49:10 PM -
Reverse Band Bench Press

Reverse Band Bench Press

Category: Max Effort

Muscles Targeted: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

The reverse band bench press is one of the most often used max effort movements as this allows a lifter to (somewhat) mimic the bench shirt. By placing the bar in bands (that are attached to the top of the rack) the bar weight is lessened at the bottom of the movement and as the weight is raised, the bands help less.

So what bands do you use? The strong or average work best.

How much weight does each band take off? This is completely dependent on how you set it up and the height of the rack. So to determine how much YOUR reverse band is taking off of the bottom of the lift, simply place the barbell in the bands. Place weight on the bar until the bar hovers around chest level. Whatever weight is on the bar at this point is approximately the amount of weight that is deloaded at the bottom portion of the movement.

Any grip can be used; close, medium or wide.

As a max effort lift, work up to a 1-3RM, making sure that you hit 3-5 lifts at 90%.


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