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5/30/2006 11:09:32 AM -
Spider Walks

Spider Walks

Category: Accessory

Muscle Targeted: Upper back, rotators

This exercise was recently brought to my attention via Dave Tate. Maybe it's his new diet that is inspiring all of these new exercises; some call it genius, others call it madness.

To do this, wrap a mini-band around your wrists several times. You will have to fold it in half at least once to get the proper tension. From here, face a wall and simply move your hands side/side and up/down the wall. We did this for a minute for 4 sets the first time and it smoked our upper backs. This is not a mass builder, but it will help your shoulders out. This would be a good exercise to do at the beginning of your training or at the end.

Jim Wendler

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