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2/22/2007 1:41:52 PM - kelley
Follow-up for Wendler...I just thought close-grip benches worked triceps. A few lifters on this site have done them for tri's according to their logs. But I get where you're coming from. As for the class 3 ass whooping, I'll have a football helmet tied to my crotch while running out the back door real fast. Just don't catch me on a bad day after work, us Postal workers get really aggitated sometimes. LOL!

I have talked to many, many people and all have said the same thing - you do board presses with close grip and your lockout will not improve at the same rate as doing it with a comp. grip or something similar.

Here is how every story goes, including my own and my training partners:

Bench press max gets all the way up and stalls at the very, very top. All lockout work was done with a close grip.

Switch to a wider grip (not always comp. grip but close) and lockout is smooth as silk.

I've seen it a thousand times.

Don't make the same mistake - another thing to consider is this:

My CG Bench is a strong as it has been - my lockout blows ass right now.

I'll tell you what else causes me to blow ass - milk and burritos,
Jim Wendler

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