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3/6/2007 8:31:19 PM - Dave Tate
Max Effort Psych Up Review

Max Effort Psych Up Review

The Review

I have been meaning to review this for about a week now but have not had the time to get around to it. I have just finished catching up on this and that got the wife and kids to bed and just popped open the last can of Big Red. Yes, I said Big Red. Its been around since 1937 and is the best Red Cream Soda ever created. Don't even tell me you have not popped open a few. Maybe someday I will write how you can slam down a case in one day but for now I have other issues to attend to.

This video has been emailed to me by a few people and posted on several forums. The reviews have been mixed. Some find it funny and other think the kids are "retards".

Here is what I say.

To let this go without trying to help is "retarded" and only adding to the problem already at hand. Let me make this as clear as I can. I have conducted more seminars than I can count and have personally shown well over 1000 people how to squat and can count on my hands how many of these people squatted with what I would call good form. I have also seen videos and pictures of so called "expert" coaches squatting or having their clients squat that looked like complete shit. So in all my years outside of powerlifting 99% of everyone I have seen has awful squat form and yes some of you who are reading this fall into the same category so before you post and make fun of these guys you better make damn sure you know how to squat otherwise you have no room to speak.

You may say the criticism is not about the form but their behavior. Yes, this is a problem but once again it is one that deals with a lack of coaching, I will comment on this in my review that follows but to be honest I see the biggest problem with what they are doing not how they are acting. Addressing the first will correct the second.

In short, who ever has coached or trained with these guys suck and those who may train in the same gym as they do also suck. If I saw this in a gym I would feel responsible to try and help them out. Then again I grew up in an age where this is what you did in a gym because it was the right thing to do. Today most people won't get off their ass to offer advice unless they are getting paid and in many case even this advice sucks.

Enough of my rant. Let me see if I can help these guy out some and if they never read this or take the advice, so be it. I am still posting this because there are tons of mistakes in here I see all the time and I am sure this may help someone.

Set # 1 - Matt 215

He does not arch the bar out at all. He just gets under and steps back. He takes no time to really set the bar and get his body tight. You want to make sure you set your feet under the bar in a position that allows you to arch the bar out of the rack. You all want to make your upperback and arms as tight as you can. Setting up is extremely important.

He then never gets into a squat stance. He just walks back and sits down. You need to arch the bar out take very deliberate and tight steps until you get set into your squat stance (this stance is too close as well). Once you get your stance (keeping everything as tight as you can) you arch even harder by pushing your ass out and pulling your chest up. From here you flair your knees out and sit back. As you can see he sits straight down.

There is also zero tightness on the box (how can their be when it was not there to start?). When he comes off the box he is flexing with his hips first causing him to fall forward. The first motion should be driving to chest up. This will keep the bar in a better path and not into a good morning.

It will also keep if he pulled his elbows forward some. This will help to pull his chest up and keep his upperback tighter.

The spotters suck. When you "train" you do not need cheer leaders but coaches. They should be used verbal cues that will help the gut out. For example, If I was back spotting this guy I would have told him to get tight under the bar and slow down to get tighter. I would have told him to arch and pull his chest up. Think off all the stuff I just wrote ( and I did not write everything because I just ran out of Big Red and am beginning to get board but there are several articles on this site about how to squat - read them) and ask yourself how he will remember all this?

HE CAN'T - this is why you have training partners. To learn a skill you have to first be told, then be ale to tell yourself and then it will become automatic. This is the first step. He is being told. This is all I can do. This rest has to be up to him and his training partners.

The side spotter is not even looking or paying attention. One more thing. If you only have two spotters then have one stand on each side. What exactly do you think will happen with one behind and one on the side? We find out later in the video.

Set #2 - Martin 245

Pretty much the same stuff. Funny how you see the same problems with people who train together. I see this all the time. If bad habits spread this way then would you not expect good habits to also spread. This is one more reason why I always tell people to find people stronger then they are to train with. If you take anything from this post then understand this. You can read all you want, use online training programs and even hire a trainer but if you really want to get stronger then find someone who is where you want to be and train with them.

The biggest mistake with this rep is how this guy (Martin) does not pull his chest up first off the box. Until his form comes around he really should sit on the box and count 1000- 1, 1000-2 while making sure to keep his back arch and chest up. Then he should stand up. This alone will have a profound effect on his squat.

You can see how his lower back is rounded when he finishes the squat. While this is not good for his back it is causing the barbell to move forward away from his center of gravity.

His stance is also too close. This is causing some of the "lean over" as well.

Set #3 - Martin 255

All you are seeing is the problems above getting worse.

Rep #4 - Matt 235

Same stuff again but this time he drops way to fast. You can see here how he is not sitting back at all. You also see there is no pause what so ever between reps thus more of a lack of tightness.

Set #4 - Matt 245

I am not sure how the jumping up and down helps and would rather see the force be on squatting. All he is doing at this point is using wasting strength.

No tightness again and you can see on this one his feet are not even even. It was also noted that this was a PR. If this is the case then why a 10 pound jump from the last set. The last set should have been this weight.

While on the box you can see the bar is already falling forward. This is another effect of not sitting back and keeping an arch. He then looses his balance on the lift and step back with the same foot that was off center in the first place ( hum... ). At this point instead of getting tight he drops right back down for another rep.

Meanwhile the spotter is saying "don't worry about it". If it was me I sure as hell would worry about it and want someone to tell me what I was doing wrong or at-least looking to try and figure it out.

Set # 5 - Martin 275

Noted as another PR. PR in my book are "big shit". This is what we all train for. Yet, the side spotter is cracking up. While I hate mirrors for squatting and they should face the other way I do tend to wonder what messages are being sent to the lifter as he sees his partner cracking up.

You can see his lower back is not arched at all from the start and as he squats down ( and not back) it gets worse and is responsible more missing the lift.

The spotters let him stain FAR to long. This is how people get hurt.

As a spotter you should also help the lifter get the back back in the rack - not set it on the pins. He can do this himself. I sure as hell would not want to be wedged under and bar and box.

Set # 6 Matt 255

At this point there is no need to comment further as the video gets stupid and I can only guess this was done for the sake of the video.

These guys could both be squatting 100 pounds more (with in months) if they take the time to address their technical issues.

I wish them the best of luck and hope this helps you all out.

As stated there are other issues going on here but I wanted to keep it to the major ones. I also could not see their feet and knees so I did not have as much to go on as I would normally like.

Damn this was a long post. Sorry but I am not going back to proof read of edit it. It is too late and I have a couple other things to get done. I am sure you will still get the points that were made.

Dave Tate

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