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3/30/2007 3:34:21 PM - Anthony Carlquist
Are any of the coaches noticing a lot of misuse of the chains and bands for young athletes instead of building a foundation?

I like to use Rippetoe's method of using progressive overload, 5 x 5 on the squats and bench. It works a great and my athletes have been imcreasing their squats and benches by quite a lot in only a few months.

Currenlty I have a few athletes going to the Frappier and another local sports medicine program and now want to use bands and do speed work because thats what they did there. These kids are 165-180lbs and can barely squat their bodyweight. Why do coaches do this? Is it their gimmick to con athletes into handing over their money so they look like their doing something special?

Anthony, you have elucidated the reality of the situation most accurately.

Continue with what you are doing; it is correct.

Ignore what is being done by others who lack a sufficient understanding of all sciences related to the long term physical training process.

While the others comprise the majority- their efforts are not worth our attention.

True, it is the athletes who suffer; however, you nor I must lose sleep because we have taken the time to think for ourselves.

Do the best- with what you have- where you are- with who your with- when you can.

That's it.

The Thinker

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