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10/11/2008 8:15:55 AM - Mark
I was looking at the program listed as a beginners program in the newletter and Q&A. Just wondering why there are no pulling exercises for the upper body at all?? This seems like a very unbalanced program which could lead to potential injury and joint dysfunction. Are the rows/pullups and upper back work intentionally left out?

Hello Mark.

Upper back work (rows, pull-ups, etc.) for a powerlifter are known as developmental SPP exercises. Until a lifter can positively identify an “imbalance” in this area then the programming of these exercises is left up to the coach because for *most* competitive powerlifters they do not make that much of a difference when we are talking about increasing one’s total in competitive powerlifting.

I have probably received your very same question at least over 100 times by now and every single time I ask the person whether they have done a few Sheiko cycles or not and most usually say no. I then ask them to “empty their cup” and open their mind to a different paradigm of training and to go ahead and do the programs as they are listed. Just about all of them have come back to me and said that they have never done that much volume for the deadlift in their life and as a result do not feel that they need any additional back work and in fact felt strongly that had they put in extra back work that it would have been unnecessary and even counterproductive. Nevertheless, there is a time and a place for proper programming of upper back work and that is up to you or your coach to decide when and where. However, I would encourage you to not make the mistake of simply thinking that direct upper back work *has to* be present in a program or the end result will be injury and joint dysfunction as you alluded to. This is based off of my experience of working with many lifters now in regards to Sheiko programming.

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