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5/13/2009 11:28:33 AM - Kenneth Stone

My question is about the Metal Pro Viking briefs. Currently I am using a Frantz canvas with a Frantz brief but would like a better brief. The problem is I don’t want too much, as in, I think the Metal Ace Pro brief might be too much and I would not be able to get depth. I say that because I have a Metal Ace Pro Squatted and had to use the Frantz briefs with that set-up. I tried Ace briefs with Ace suit and could not get down to depth. And then I look at the Metal Pro briefs but the problem I hear with them is they can bring the knees in. Just looking at the pictures of the Viking briefs, it looks like the legs go out more than the Pro briefs and would be better for wide stance squatters? I am right or no? The reason I would look at the Viking is because they are strong briefs but not to the extent of the Ace briefs and I think I could have a lot better chance at getting depth. Currently with what I am using, I have no problem getting depth. From what I’ve heard, it terms of strength of the Metal ply’s, they go from Pro, Viking and then ACE is the strongest. Just curious if Viking would be the way to go for my situation…and if you could explain the differences between the three briefs you guys sell….I would really appreciate it!

Kenneth Stone


I've worn all three briefs starting out with the pro. The Pro gave great support and I wore those underneath my Pro Squatter when I first got started in multi-ply lifting. I had no problem with them caving my knees it at all and I'm a very wide squatter.

The Vikings were my next step and I liked them as well. I would say they are a slight step up from the Pro's but really only by cut and maybe some stiffness. Again, great stopping power, always hit depth, and worked very well. I wore these underneath my Ace suit that I wear now and had great results.

The Ace brief is what I wear now and I will say these are the best pair I've ever had. Great strength and rebound, never a problem with the knees caving in, and stretch to fit after you wear them a bit. I go with the Ace on Ace combo and have been very successful with that.

Now as for the depth issue, I don't believe that the Ace on Ace is the problem. I've heard many people say that they just can't hit depth with the combination but I've found no issues with that at all. I truly believe that patience and working the gear in is the trick. Not everyone can tolerate the uncomfortability(new word) of wearing this combo in the whole so you will tend to jump the gun and fight the gear the entire way down. The best I've hit in this gear is a 1047 squat and I can hit depth in this gear at 700. It's just a manor of relaxing, staying true to the form and getting it to fit properly.

This is just my two cents, take it for what it is. The Vikings are great and I recommend them if you feel the Ace is too much. They do give a little more and are more forgivable.

Jeremy Frey

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