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7/26/2009 11:35:47 AM -
Meet Summary and Video from USAPL Raw Nationals

Meet Summary of USAPL Raw Nationals

Let me start my jumping right into my performance in the lifting.


1st- 175kg/385lb (pass)

Weight was easy, but I got a red on depth. After seeing the judging with the other lifters, I knew this was going to be a tight ship, so I dropped my second attempt a few pounds.

2nd- 190kg/418lb (miss)

Once again, this felt easy enough. The lift didn't pass because one judge said it wasn't deep enough and the other said that my elbows touched my thighs. I'm not sure I can agree with the depth call, but my elbows did and generally do touch my thighs, I've just never been called on it and didn't expect to be. Would have been an 8lb meet PR.

3rd- 192.5/424lb (miss)

I tried to widen my hands here so that my elbows wouldn't make contact with the thighs and as a result I took a small jump in weight figuring that it might be harder with the altered technique. Coming out of the hole, I'm used to driving forward with my elbows, but I couldn't in this position and I just didn't have it. I probably would have been good for 440lb-446lb had the elbows on thigh rule not been enforced.

Bench Press

1st- 127.5kg/281lb (pass)

Warmups felt terribly heavy...even 225 felt like crap. But this flew up.

2nd- 135kg/297.5lb (miss)

Two red lights on my ass coming off the bench. I usually have a small part of my mind on keeping it down, but it didn't even occur to me here. I don't think it came off in any huge way, but enough that they both saw it.

3rd- 140kg/308.5lb (pass- 13.5lb PR)

Had a tough time choosing my third attempt. The second attempt was easy in terms of the weight, but I was risking the my butt shooting up again and failing because of that. 303lb was the next weight up, and would have been an 8lb PR and a huge milestone. I worried that I'd regret getting greedy and taking 308.5lb had I missed it. It felt easier than I could have imagined...I mean, it wasn't easy, but I've definitely done harder benches.

As a shameless plug, the EFS wrist wraps are awesome! I have to thank the guys for sending these to me, as they literally made the bar feel practically weightless in my hands. Pure awesomeness.


1st- 227.5kg/501.5lb (pass)

Forgot my Metal deadlift socks at home, so I had to borrow a pair of whatever I could get my hands on. The weight was easy, but not as fast as when I just missed 585lb at the meet in the fall. I lost a little bit of air just off the floor, which is usually a sign of some difficulty for me.

2nd- 247.5kg/545.5lb (pass)

Felt good, but once again, not as easy as when I had almost pulled the 585lb, so I knew it probably wasn't in the cards today.

3rd- 260kg/573lb (pass- 23lb PR)

I felt that I made the wise choice here. Looking back, I'm quite sure that I would have had 578.5lb. Yes, the lift was slow, but I've done deadlifts that are a LOT slower than that. Regardless, I ended up with an 8lb gym PR and a 23lb meet PR. People were getting red lighted for all sorts of strange and obscure things, so who knows what rule I might have broken had things been a little heavier.

Total and Placing

575kg/1,266lb (16lb PR and done in a much stricter meet)

3rd Place in the Junior 90kg/198lb Class


I had a great time here. Thanks goes out to Dan Tolendano and Omri Geva for the ride out there. And because I'm a true New Yorker, I don't know how to drive, so I had to sleep while they drove from 10PM to 4AM. :-)

Some very strong people and tough competitors came out. We all pushed each other and enjoyed the good company. It was good meeting a couple of guys that I've been talking to online for quite a while now, as well as some of the different people who read my log and articles. Thanks to Shelby Starnes and Matthew Gary and thanks to all of you for your support and to Elite Fitness Systems for all the help and the sponsorship. I can't say it enough, but I'm extremely honored to represent EFS.

I was truly the strongest I've ever been on bench, and cracked the 300 mark that I've been working on for years and years. And with 2 torn labrums, no less! No shoulder pain, by the way...score! The squat felt like I had the strength to kill it, but things didn't fall into place this time. Deadlift wasn't the strongest it's been, but I made some smart decisions and came out of it with a personal record regardless. This is my fifth meet, and with each one, I learn something new about not only being an intelligent lifter, but a good competitor. And there's a difference, for sure.

As for now, I'm extremely hungover, and look forward to passing out for a bit.

Matt McGorry

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