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7/28/2009 11:11:59 PM -
Benching, TV Appearance w/Video, alcohol, and future plans

7/29/09- Tuesday

1)Bench Press (touch and go)
235x9 (paused)

2a)Seated Cable Row

2b)Crossover Pushup (small box)
BWx12 x10 x8

3a)Cable External Rotation

3b)Cable Curl

Yes, the benching in today's session is a little all over the place. I decided that I wanted to try and go for a 315lb touch and go bench. At my second to last meet, I did a 295lb bench, and went for 300lb touch and go in the gym the day afterwards and got it.

I figured I'd try to break the 3 plate barrier this time around. But I aborted it after 285, but it didn't feel great and my shoulder was bothering me. But of course my shoulder wasn't hurting from the meet.

It was from when I got drunk last night at a Karaoke cast party from my show and decided to arm wrestle my friend. I've come to the conclusion that recreational arm wrestling sucks. If it's against a skinny guy, who cares if you win. If you get beaten, you'll never live it down. And if he puts up a little bit of a fight, you may hurt your shoulder. So I won, but ended up with a sore shoulder. Great.

So my training was done hungover with the taste of chicken wings and deep fried oreos on embedded onto my tongue. Good at the time of consumption, but not the next morning, with a hangover. Still, I decided to let myself drink a little since it had been awhile.

Direction of Training

Due to a pretty big acting opportunity, I've decided to lean out again. I'm up to 205lb right now, and I'll probably drop back to 190lb and see how I feel. After that, I'll start rebuilding again. After a few times of doing this, I hope to come out this with better body composition, and a better powerlifter as a result. I'm going to continue to focus on building size in the lower body as I build back up. Which brings me to...


I booked a ticket to England today with a friend of mine. We're going from August 18-30 and exploring all over Europe. I'll be taking these 2 weeks off...the first consecutive 2 weeks off from lifting in probably 7 years. I'm sure it will do me good. But as a result of the vacation's proximity, I'm not taking this week off, whereas I usually give myself a week of rest after a meet.

I've started the new diet and I've moved from 3 super days, 2 lows, and 1 medium to 3 medium days, 3 lows, and 1 high with 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio 6 days per week. In Europe, I'll be fatting it up and then back on the diet again when I return.

TV Appearance

This is from New York's Channel 1 news station, called "NY1". Originally, I got some speaking in but it ended up as me just being the "model." No worries though! It was still fun and a good experience.

NY1's Squats, Deadlifts, and Lunges

Matt McGorry

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