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8/4/2009 10:55:19 PM -
Squat Video a big congrats...

First and foremost, the congratulations goes out to the entire team of Peak Performance, and especially Joe Dowdell, it's founder and co-owner. Peak Performance was named one of the top 10 gyms in the US in the Men's Health September issue. I'm very proud to have been with the gym since practically the beginning.

Squat- 8/4/09- Tuesday

1)Squat (slightly higher position bar than usual)

---- 1 Hour Break to train a client -----

2a)Single Leg Squat (off bench)
BWx8 x8 x8

3a)Glute Ham Raise (roller pad model)
Rear Elevated+40lb Vest x10 x10 x8 x8

3b)Ab Roller
10lb Vestx12
20lb Vestx12

Since I'm in a few weeks of training purgatory between the meet and vacation, I thought I'd do a little experimenting. This won't surprise anyone who has seen my squat, but I've got a good deal of forward lean when I squat. Long femurs combined with a pretty low bar position does this.

While I can't do anything about one, I can do something about the other. So, I'm playing around with putting the bar a little higher on my back. More in the middle of the upper traps, rather than sitting on the rear delts.

The first thing I noticed is how light the weight felt on my back. Strange, but probably related to the fact that I'm not having to work so hard to keep it from smashing my face into the ground. The more vertical forces are taking care of that ofr me to some degree.

Despite a loose belt and a relatively new bar position, the strength wasn't too bad. 10 reps would have been a PR here, but I'm also far from feeling fresh as well. So there may be something to this. I just have to get used to the setup and technique so that I can hit depth a little more consistently. It seemed somewhat borderline in most of the reps.

My deconditioned legs are going to be very sore,
Matt McGorry

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