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8/17/2009 1:18:00 PM - Justin Harris
The Vagina Monologues
(my injury report)

Last spring I was writing a lot about the various injuries and illnesses I was having.
They still haven't gotten it all figured out, but I'm starting to be able to get back to some real training and that's probably good enough for me.

I suppose I'll just go through and list where I'm f'd up.
Starting about 5 years ago or so, after a particularly brutal leg workout, I'd get what I'd call a "leg fever."
For a few hours after the workout, I'd have a fever. I thought that I must have had such a hard workout that I wasn't able to recover and my body lapsed into a fever for a while. It kind of felt like the flu, but not bad.
Over the course of a few years, the leg fevers turned into every leg workout...not just the most brutal. Eventually it turned into a leg and back fever. Looking back, it seems ridiculous that I never got anything checked, but over a period of years you don't really notice that it...I just kind of got used to needing to take advil and tylenol before and after squats or deadlifts to stave off the fever.
At some point it turned into getting a fever after every hard workout...then every workout...and then a fever every morning and every workout.
About a year ago it turned into a fever all day. By that time I didn't really notice. I was used to taking tylenol, advil, aleve, aspirin, or excedrin every few it just became habit...if I didn't take something, I'd start getting fever/flu symptoms and they'd get worse until I took something.
Again, it sounds ridiculous to never get it checked, but anyone that has trained heavy for years knows you just get used to having something always hurt. Around the same time this was going on I was having the elbow problems where the tendons would swell up like golfballs on the inside of my forearms. Before that I was dealing with hip problems. Before that I injured my back pretty bad...before that it was my left shoulder, etc., etc.
But it finally got to the point where I was just eating tylenol and advil all day at ridiculous levels.
To me it didn't seem so outrageously crazy....but when my wife picked up a bottle of 100 tylenol for me one day and saw it empty in the trash the next morning, she made me go see a doctor. lol

After a number of tests, they found out I had Rhabdomyalysis...but couldn't figure out why. It's an "acute" form of myositis that you get from something like a building collapse. Somehow I had it chronically. They still can't figure that out. I also have a bunch of nerve problems. My left arm was getting worse and worse at locking out and part of my left tricep was "dead." When I flexed, it just stayed soft. They checked a bunch of nerve tests and pretty much all my nerves were jacked up.
All the nerves through my arms and legs are injured in some way. They're also all "slow." They're supposed to fire at a minimum of 50 m/s and all of mine fire below that. Some of the nerves through the left side of my upper body fire well below 20 m/s.
One cool thing about that stuff is that I have no reflexes. lol
so if I go to a new doctor and they decide to check my reflexes....when they hit my knee, my leg doesn't move.
So they go to my other leg...and get nothing. Then they check my calves and my feet, etc., etc.
They always figure the patient doesn't know anything so they just act like nothing is going on...eventually they look at my chart and get that "ahhh...." look.

The nerve docs think that I have ruptured various discs in my spine over the years because the major nerve damage leads out of a few spots on the spine. So...when I heard that "gunshot" in my back back in '07, that is probably what it was. The elbow inflamation is probably linked to that as well.
My spine checks out okay though. There are a bunch of desiccations and other little things, but it doesn't look like I ever fractured anything.

So, at the end of the day...they still have no idea what the hell is causing the fevers. They figure it's all related (they're brilliant...) but don't know how.
It's really not bad at all now. They have me on meds that pretty much keep the fever at bay and keep the nerve stuff down.
(I forgot about that, but I was also having nerve flair ups where it would feel like someone poured hot water on my leg, or someone was putting a flame on my hams, or it would feel like someone put a match out on various parts of my body...I'd also get phantom itches that were fucking annoying)

Another thing that sucks balls is that every once in a while I wake up nauseous as shit and barely make it to the bathroom before I'm yaking my guts out.

So I feel fine now, but the real shitty thing was that all the nerve stuff was making training impossible. Anytime I'd go through a hard workout, all the "fever" stuff would go into hyperdrive. All my nerves would go on alert and I'd get that "kicked in the balls" feeling through my stomach. Then I'd throw up all over the place and fall asleep for a few hours. So, it would be the same as normal only I wasn't paying someone to kick me in the balls between sets.

It really did suck though because it fucking felt like I ran a marathon after any lame ass workout.

Anyway...that's my story. I'm not looking for any sympathy and I know everyone here has a list of injuries at least as long. To be honest, if it was 5 years ago...I would have probably found a way to deal with the puking and passing out. It has mostly been frustrating to feel like a pussy. I could never stand all the dickwads that would miss a week of football practice because of a "thigh bruise," or people that would be late returning from an injury for any reason. I never missed a single game of any sport my entire life. I broke and re-broke my nose every game my junior year in college. I cut a cast of my hand my senior year on the way home from the hospital. I passed a test by the team trainers to be allowed to play with a partially torn MCL by ODing on pills and having a teammate tape my leg up with some metal we stole from the dorms so that I couldn't bend my leg with a crow bar. lol

So the hardest part has been feeling like such a pussy and using injury as an excuse to miss training sessions.
But I'm finally starting to feel better...I'm probably going to have to take pills for the nerve damage and stuff forever...but they're not so bad. lol
I still have to get a muscle biopsy because they can't figure out how the hell I have all the myopathies and what not, but I've given up hope of ever figuring that out.

So....if anyone actually read all of that...that's why I've been gone.

Justin Harris

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