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8/17/2009 9:34:04 PM - Penn
Justin, Glad to see you're back!

What are the meds that you're on to keep your fever and nerve stuff down? Sounds like you've found something that works.

A long while ago you put up a YouTube video where you're shaking pretty bad right after the first rep of a 600X5 Squat you were doing with a Cambered Bench Bar wherever Mike Szudarek and Shelby Train. Are you still having shakes like that? Do the meds help keep those shakes at bay?

My quads still shake, especially my left one. It's really obvious when going down's really annoying actually. I don't know exactly what it is from, but I'm pretty sure it is from the slower firing of the nerves. I think that the signal to contract takes longer and the "adjustment" to stabilize isn't quick it ends up looking shaky instead of just stabilizing smoothly.
That same leg "buckles" on me too. It's not like I drop to the floor, but sometimes I step with my knee bent a bit more than usual or something, and I drop a bit before the signal has time to tell the muscle to contract.

I've never asked if that is exactly what it is from, but I had been having trouble with my left arm shaking on bench for the last year or so and that is the arm where the nerves are really slow.

I don't really want to say the exact meds. I will say that if I were a junkie...I'd be a happy man. I could probably ask for and get just about any pain med on the market. As tempting as that is, I tell my docs that I'm not smart enough to be a theoretical physicist when I'm sober, so I have no chance if I'm stoned all day. I take some nerve stuff and another pain med that is used for neuralgia. I have stronger stuff if I want at night because if my nerves act up I can't sleep for shit.
I'm really torn about that stuff though. I don't want to take it, especially with my kids around. I like partying as much as anyone...and I certainly don't mind being fucked up now and then, but like anyone in this sport, I have a definite inclination for obsession and addiction and I don't like the idea of toeing that line in any manner.

My wife and doctor have talked to me about it a few times and have basically talked me into the view that "if you feel better, can get back to training, can play with your kids and feel pretty normal...why is that not enough?"
I usually try to minimize the pain when talking to the docs, but my wife got pissed and said "whether or not you want to pretend that it doesn't hurt that bad so you don't feel like a pussy, if the pain is bad enough that it is damaging your organs (from the blood pressure spikes) then you need to shut the hell up and stop acting like an idiot."

I'd prefer not to have to take anything, but as it is right now, I'm just trying to accept the fact that I need it to feel functional.

Justin Harris

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