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8/18/2009 11:09:16 AM - Chris
Hey Justin, glad to see that you're back. I just wanted to tell you I learned a lot about training and nutrition from your logs. I hope that your health improves soon. I just graduated from WMU this past April and am applying to med school now. I'm thinking about taking some extra classes this fall, so maybe I'll see you on campus. Good luck.

Good luck in Med school!

What area do you plan on going into?

I know this is a powerlifting forum...but because it annoys me, I'll talk about the way people view doctors.

It drives me crazy when people say "doctors don't know anything." Or, "Doctors are just in it for the money."

I once asked a guy who told me "doctors are just in it for the money" if he new how long it took to start making that "money."

He said, "medical school is 4 years...that's not hard to deal with when you know you're going to be making bank when you graduate."

I let him know that he was off by just a little bit.
If you want to "make money," there are MUCH quicker ways than becoming a doctor. Want to know why? Let's look at the career path for a cardiologist that decides to become a cardiac surgeon, with the years and ages at each stage.

4 years undergraduate
age 18-22yr

4 years medical school
age 22-26

3 years internal medicine residency
age 26-29

3 years cardiology fellowship
age 29-32

5-6 years surgury residency
age 32-38

So, nearing the age of 40...they can become and attending surgeon and start bringing in the big bucks!

Or, say you want to get right to the point and become an oral surgeon. There's a LOT of money in that and you don't have a ton of residency. Here's that path

4 years undergraduate

4 years dental school

4 years medical school

2 years residency

So, good luck! I have a lot of respect for what doctors go through to become physicians.
Unfortunately, many doctors are arrogant pricks that only help to facilitate the view that people have of them....but it still drives me crazy every time I hear "doctors are just in it for the money."

If you see me on campus, say hi!

Justin Harris

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