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8/22/2009 6:25:18 PM - adam scott
hi justin,
when you mentioned rhabdo' it caught my attention. my cpk levels are regularly 5000plus, as are most hard training individuals. it's not rhabdo but the doc's thought it was.

Mine was diagnosed from scans, not from blood work. They had actually ignored most symptoms because we had expected the abnormal blood reading.

I had a bone scan that showed the abnormalities and they did more imaging that showed abnormalities.

This was also all during a time that I had not trained for a period of months, so as much as I wish I were....I was not a hard training individual that that time. lol

There's a funny story with that of the docs thought I had acromegaly because of my size. I say I hadn't been working out, and that's true. I hadn't been in a gym for months...I was down a good 40lbs of muscle and up a few lbs of fat.
The doctor saw me at 250lbs and not having trained in months and he was sure I had some form of growth abnormality.

I tried to explain that I "used to be rather big." And he would say "I understand that that, but even're way too muscular for someone who doesn't train."

I don't think he understood that even at 250lbs, I had lost 40lbs of muscle...I was a shadow of my former self....muscle was literally falling off was just that I was 285lbs and low body fat before I stopped training. lol

The diagnosing has been more difficult because of all the expected abnormalities that come from being larger and training hard. After not training for a long time, it helped clear out all the false positives that come from the training, like liver enzymes, indication of muscle damage, etc.

Justin Harris

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