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8/22/2009 1:31:00 PM - Justin Harris
Burn fat while eating junk food?

For the past year or so I've had a package in deep freeze sent from the Director of Biology at LSU. It contains the only sample ever produced of a product that affects Acety-Coenzyme-A Carboxylase II.

If the product works, it has the ability to continue to tell the body to use fat for fuel, even when you're eating a high sugar, high fat diet.

I've been itching to talk about this substance ever since I began doing research on it a few years ago.
The only other person who I've talked at length with about it is Dante Trudel from and DC training. Dante and his partner were able to make contact with the originator of the product, who is now a metabolism expert in Sweden, and eventually the Biology department at LSU.

The great thing about this product is that it most likely could avoid the label of being a "drug." It has the potential to be produced as a non-prescription food product. The fact that the most potent fat burning product ever produced could be available without prescription is what had me most excited.

Unfortunately, the research trials were only done up to the level of cell strains. It was never tested on humans or any other animal.

The cost of research and development would be outrageous. I even thought about entering a PhD program in some form of Biology just so I could potentially have the ability to properly research this substance....that's how exciting it is.

I realize I'm being a dick by talking about it and not mentioning the name, but I don't have time to write about it in full. I will talk about it more later though.

If by chance anyone is involved in research in some form related to nutrition or biology, let me know. I'd really love to see this product reach development.

Dante was actually able to find some chemistry companies that claimed to be able to produce it...but since it would be engineered completely from scratch (since no one has ever produced it...) it was outlandishly expensive...even for chemical production.

If anyone is interested in hearing about this product or may have the ability to perform/persuade research on it...let me know.

Also, this isn't one of those lame "cutting-edge product" that supplement companies hype up just before they're able to mass release it...where you find out it is just plain caffeine or something.

No one will be producing this one will even know about it...but if they did, no one is going to want to shell out the quarter million dollar price tag for a single

Since we've moved, I've been going through my file cabinets. I have a LOT of research that I haven't been able to complete. I'm going to try to write about a lot of the products as I get the time.

Much of the products that were technically "legal" have now been banned or controlled in some form. I'll still try to write about them though as I'm sure there are some people who wouldn't consider the "banned" label quite as severe of a hurdle as others would. lol

Troponin Nutrition Pre-Contest Training Journal,
Justin Harris

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