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9/1/2009 12:03:10 PM - Justin Harris
Tried punching things

We're still getting settled in at the new house, but because I was itching to get my home gym at least started in some manner, I went out and got some equipment.
I got a heavy bag and a speed bag, along with some gloves and wraps.

Fuck me, I am so out of shape. I'm actually kind of addicted to the speed bag now. I tend to get obsessed with things and I've been downstairs avoiding the wife and practicing the speed bag for about two hours a day.

I'm getting pretty good at it. I can do some tricks and stuff. I want to get a video of it, but in my mind I'm like Roy Jones Jr pummeling the speed bag at impossible speeds....and I don't want the video to ruin it by proving that I'm just a fat guy smacking it awkwardly...and slowly. lol

It is fun, but I'm going to have a shitty bench workout tonight because my arms and shoulders are a little sore from my goofing around.

We also went to a family reunion this weekend. It was a lot of fun, but it took us 6 hours to get there....we sat in one particular traffic jam with the car in park for an hour.
The drive back only took 3 hours, but it was still a looonnnggg day.

The reunion was at a park and the kids were playing on the monkey bars. There was on of those dome spiderweb looking things with metal bars all over.

There was liberal supplies of 100 proof polish vodka being passed around by one of my great uncles from "the old country," and I was buzzed enough to want to try some tricks.

I was surprised at what I could do. My mom ended up getting some pics of me doing handstands on the top of the dome and doing various "flags" and stuff. I was doing one thing where I'd stick my legs out like a leg raise and then bring them all the way up and turn myself upside down like an inverted handstand, and then bring my legs around again for a full rotation...and then bring them back.
It looked cooler than it was, but my wife thought it was funny that I could hold those positions with my abs.

My wife actually trains she had to give it a shot....she couldn't do any of the moves.
It was funny because she always gives me shit about training abs. I always say that if my "core" is strong enough to stabilize a 900lb squat, it's strong enough for me.

Turns out I was right. lol
Another reason to avoid crunches and just lift something heavy.

Justin Harris

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