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9/1/2009 8:51:33 PM -
Deadlift ( in physically, not good)

I'm tired and feeling beat down and sick, so I'll just post the essentials. Sorry about the brevity of this post.

I started feeling pretty sick today, with painful tonsils, a stye in my eye, a fever (I think), and a throbbing head. I deadlifted anyway.

I made two stupid mistakes. I accidentally did Week 2 of the 5/3/1 percentages. Not sure why, my head was just very fuzzy.

And then I decided that I'd try to work up to a 13lb PR of 585lb. Here's how it went...or at least the abbreviated version.


2a)BB Reverse Lunge
135x8 x8

2b)Hanging Leg Raise
BWx15 x12

Didn't budge the 585 off the ground. I'll consider it an isometric. Hoped that maybe with the time off from lifting, I'd come back stronger. Two problems with that theory.

1) I wasn't sleeping much, eating much (or well), I was boozing, and I actually lost 5lbs.

2) I didn't accumulate enough fatigue in the 3 weeks post-meet to create a supercompensation effect.

So here I am, feeling like a white dog turd and sore as hell in the lower back.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Matt McGorry

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