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9/4/2009 8:55:19 PM -
Bench on Thurs, Squat on Fri

9/3/09- Thursday

1)Bench Press (all paused)

2a)Incline DB Bench
65x12 x8

2b)Seated Cable Row

3a)Standing DB Lateral Raise
35x12 x12 x12

3b)Standing DB Hammer Curl

God, this was pitiful. My dropoff for the assistance work on each set was just incredible.

9/4/09- Friday


2)Ab Wheel
20lb Vestx10 x10

Even more pitiful. The higher bar position still feels terrible on the back. That's what I get for having tiny upper traps though I suppose.

There's been only one night this week that I haven't slept 12 hours. Every other night has been 12 hours plus of sleep...pretty insane. I guess I've been pretty beat down. Please forgive me if I'm slow to respond to emails and Q&A posts as a result.

Hope to be back to normal by the end of Labor Day.

End of Summer Approaches,
Matt McGorry

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