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9/10/2009 7:37:32 PM -
Squat- Week 2/Wave 1- Thursday

Week 2/Wave 1- Thursday- 9/10/09


(Estimated Max- 429lb)

2a)Round Back SSB GM
95x10 x12 x12

2b)Ab Wheel
20lb Vestx10 x10 x10 x10
40lb Vestx6
20lb Vestx10

3)Roller Pad GHR (rear elevated)
40lb Vestx8 x8 x8

Strength is monumentally better than last week's 315 for 6 on squats. The bar is feeling a little bit better in the higher position on the back, and I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable with the knees tracking forward on the descent. Depth was actually better than its been since I've started using a slightly higher bar position.

The SSB round back good mornings are at the suggestion of Jim. He uses very little weight on this, so I decided to use littler weight. I literally have never purposefully tried to do any kind of lower body movement with a rounded back...not good mornings, romanian deadlifts or anything. Sometimes it happens that way, but it's never been purposefully done. Surprisingly, the low weight actually was pretty tough. I really controlled the eccentric here and exploded on the way up and I felt it strongly in the glutes and hams.

I'm working on slowing down the eccentric on some of my assistance work. Especially with the GHRs, I think that I'm always in such a hurry to add reps or weight, that I might be missing out on some of the hamstring recruitment that I might get by just slowing it down.

I'm also keeping the training volume a little bit higher during this "cutting phase" than normal. Hoping it will prevent me from withering away as I push the diet and cardio harder.

spread beagle,
Matt McGorry

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