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9/12/2009 3:49:56 PM -
Incline Bench- Week 2/Wave 1- Saturday

Week 2/Wave 1- Saturday- 9/12/09

1)Incline Narrow Grip Bench
(based off 245)
(90%)210x6 (MISTAKE- I SUCK AT MATH)

Estimated Max- 252lb

2a)Medium Grip Pullup
BW+35x6 x6 x6 x5

2b)Flat DB Tricep Extension
40x8 x8 x8 x8

3a)Machine Lateral Raise
x8 x10 x12

3b)Standing DB Curl
35x8 x8 x10

2.5lbx20s each position x2

30 minutes of cardio

You can see why I almost failed math numerous times. I knew that 210 sounded way too heavy, but I just couldn't figure out why it kept coming out to that when I did the calculations. I took 95% of 245 rather than 90%...numerous times. Oh well, the weight was supposed to be 200.

30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio 5 times this week. I've decided to start doing some jogging "intervals" in there. I'm starting very easy and jogging for 3-4 rounds out of the 30 minutes for 2-2.5 minutes.

Incline walking just feels like too little for someone of my size. There are much heavier and better powerlifters who run, so why shouldn't I? Also, perhaps the slightly higher intensity will prevent the need to do a million hours of it down the road.

I need some runner's shorts,
Matt McGorry

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