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9/22/2009 2:28:06 PM -

Here's rule #1: if you have a hard squat/DL workout planned, you have to eat something before you train. I have no excuse for my shit workout last night because I didn't do everything I had to do to get enough to eat during the day. I'm an asshole. I was getting gassed out in my warm-up, and not of the Matt Kroc shit talking in the mirror did me any good. I got through it, and got all my reps in, but the whole thing was a total shit show and I had to alter my assistance work as a result. What a joke. The Omegawave would have told me to go f--k myself last night.

Here's rule #2: if there is a better player on your team at your position, he's the one who's going to play, not you. I had to explain this to one of my ex-players last night. This kid is a senior and three year starter at a 1-AA school whose starting spot has been taken away from him by a freshman. Jim Wendler wrote about this years ago, and I'm going to back up what he says. If you're not playing, especially on the college level, it's not about "politics" or the coach "shitting on your life," it's because the guy playing is better than you.

If someone takes your spot in your senior year, the only thing you can do is try to win it back in practice. If you can't do that, your job is to keep yourself ready to play in the event you're needed. If you find yourself never being needed, and your career ends, just get your degree and go out with class, because it wasn't meant to be, for whatever reason.

These guys' livelihoods are dependent upon winning games, so it's NEVER about politics at that level. Especially in 1-AA where you have a lot of young head coaches looking to move up. You think they give a shit who they're playing?

We taught you better than that, 78,
Angry Coach

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