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9/23/2009 10:33:52 PM -
Doing a Bodybuilding Competition? & Bench- Week 4/Wave 1

Week 4/Wave 1- Deload- 9/23/09

1)Bench Press (all paused)

2a)Incline DB Bench Press
80x6 x12

2b)Neutral Grip Cable Row

3a)Standing DB Lateral Raise
45x8 x8

3b)Standing DB Hammer Curl

4a)Prone Y (45 degree incline)
7.5x10 (5 sec eccentric) x10

4b)Cable External Rotation
12x15 x12 x12

5)Standing Elbows Out Cable Row

Yes, you read that right...I'm considering doing a bodybuilding show. I have a few reasons for this.

1. I've always respected the discipline that it takes to get that shredded. Building my psychological strength is as important to me as the physical in many ways, so I am interested in "testing myself".

2. I have to get leaner/smaller for acting, so I might as well take it all the way down and see what I've got to show for it.

3. I just want to know what it's like to prep for a contest. Maybe I'm a masochist, but I'm interested in exploring the pain of pre-contest prep (this will probably bite me in the ass later).

After sending some full body shots to Shelby, he thought that I didn't have any glaring weaknesses that would stand out in terms of proportion. Obviously, I don't have the size to be a mass monster, and I'm not intending on going through a building phase first. I also don't plan on changing my training around very much until I absolutely have to. Maybe some extra direct arm work, a little more upper back work, and perhaps some dreaded calf work...although it's always been hard for me to give a shit about that.

I'm even considering doing a powerlifting meet on the way down, at 181.

The first step is finding an upcoming competition (most likely in a tested federation) and then it's all about deciding whether or not I want to do it. I will think long and hard about this, but I'm quite sure there's no way I'd back out once I was en route.

Wonder if they make translucent posing trunks,
Matt McGorry

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