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9/30/2009 1:40:48 AM -
Deadlift & Bench Press- Week 1/Wave 2

Monday- Deadlift

(85%)425(belt on)x6

Estimated Max- 525lb

2a)BB RDL (3-count pause at bottom)
225(double overhand)x8 x8 (mixed grip)x8

2b)Decline Reverse Crunch
x12 x10 x12

3a)Bulgarian Split Squat w/DBs
40x8/side x8

3b)Roman Chair Rotations
10lbx12 x20

4)Standing Calf Raise (3 sec pause/3 sec iso at bottom)
240x10 x10

Sad to say that the 425x6 actually wasn't that easy. My double overhand grip sucks, so the RDLs were really not easy. I found that the RDL with the 3 count iso really helped me when I first started powerlifting, so I decided to give them a go again. Have to be a little more conscious of the lower back though...didn't feel "great".

Tuesday- Bench Press

1)Bench Press (all paused)

Estimated Max- 299lb

2a)Neutral Grip DB Bench
80x8 x8 x10

2b)Chest Supported DB Row on Decline Bench
100x8 x8 x8 x8

3a)Keiser Cable Curls
3 sets

3b)Keiser Cable Lateral Raise
3 sets

Bench is starting to return even more. Cardio is now up to 40 minutes, 6 days per week.

I had my first cheat meal since being back from Europe for a month and it will probably be my last for quite a while. One of my clients is opening a new restaurant, and we got treated very well. It's not easy to turn down that much free, expensive, high quality food. I stuffed myself until I was uncomfortably full and to the point that I felt like my jeans were like a poorly built dam holding back a huge flood.

I have to say though, my mindset feels like it's really in the right place for the competition though. I actually was somewhat upset that I knew I'd have to go off of my diet. And I really haven't found myself craving any junk food in these last few weeks. Here and there, yes...but certainly nothing where I've felt like I was "about to snap". Of course, give me a few months and we'll see how I feel.

Back to dieting.

Warm apple crumble...mmmm,
Matt McGorry

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