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10/8/2009 10:59:50 PM -
Squat- Week 2/Wave 2- 10/8/09

Week 2/Wave 2- Thursday


Estimated Max- 408lb

2a)Hanging Ab Corkscrew
BWx10/side x10 x8

2b)Safety Squat Bar Squat (narrow stance and deep)
225x8 x8 x10

3a)Standing Ab Pulldown
52.5x8 x6
45x10 x10

3b)Glute Ham Raise (roller model)
Rear Elevated
BWx8 x8
No Elevation
BWx8 x8

4a)Seated Calf Raise
80x12 x12 x12

4b)Terminal Knee Extension
light bandx15 x15

40 Minutes Incline Treadmill

Forgot my camera at home today, but the squats actually seemed deeper than usual. I feel like moving back to a low bar after using higher bar might actually make me stronger than I've been in the past. I'll find that out in a bit.

I'm pretty sure that I had one rep left in me for a small PR over last weeks on squat. But I felt like it'd be a pants-crapping rep, and I just wanted to save it. The rep, and my bowels.

SSB is still tough as hell, and definitely harder when paired with ab work.


I bought a new pair of running shoes today, mainly for my incline walks and standing around on my feet all day. My shins were having some cramping during the cardio, but perhaps I just need a few days to get used to the new shoes.

I've been making a big effort to try and get to bed earlier during the week. Earlier for me is 12-1AM rather than 2-4AM. This is key, no doubt.


The Fame bodybuilding federation also both a Fitness and Muscle Model division. I saw the video of the latter, and it just looked completely gay. Having been raised in a neighborhood with the gayest demographic in NYC, I'm far from homophobic, but this was just far from straight.

It looked like a bunch of guys who stopped dieting 8-12 weeks out from the bodybuilding show and just showed up to walk around and look cute. There's no flexing really, just pacing back and forth. Put a white tee shirt on me and soak me in beer.

I'll be sticking with the bodybuilding.

sleep soon,
Matt McGorry

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