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10/10/2009 11:58:25 PM -
Incline Bench- Week 2/Wave 2

40 minutes AM fasted cardio

BW- 188.5lb in morning

1)Incline Close Grip Bench (touch and go)

2a)Elbows Out Tricep Extension (incline bench)
35x10 x10 x10 x10

2b)Neutral Grip Chinup
BW+60lbx5 x5 x5

3a)Seated DB Lateral Raise
35x8 x10 x12

3b)Standing Zottman Curl
30x10 x10
25x10 x10

3c)Rear Delt DB Fly (standing/bent over)
10x12 x12 x12 x15

I had already made the decision going into today's session that I would stop at just the required reps on incline bench. Despite that, they were actually quite hard. I maybe had one more rep in me. I think that after this wave, I'm going to drop back my estimated max some more. With the continual loss in bodyweight, I think it's going to mean bad things for my shoulders if I'm going to heavy on incline.

On the other hand, the strength on the chinups really felt quite good. I think my all-time best is BW+70lb for neutral grip pullups when I weighed 217lb or so 4 years ago. I may be wrong about that. But I'm quite sure I can beat this now with a much greater range of motion, so I'll try to get a video in a week or so.

Matt McGorry

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