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10/13/2009 11:13:11 PM -
Deadlift- 472lbx6 at 186lb BW w/Video

Deadlift- Week 3/Wave 2- 10/14/09

Bodyweight- 186.5lb

(85%)425(belt on)x3

Estimated Max- 567lb (only 25lbs below my estimated max at ~203lb BW)

2a)Anti-Rotation Russian Twist (Roman Chair)
10lbx20 x16 x16

2b)Romanian Deadlift (3 sec iso at bottom)
255x6 x6

3a)Decline Reverse Crunch (45 degree)
x10 x10 x8

4a)DB Bulgarian Split Squat (1 and 1/4 reps)
30x6 x6 x6

5)Standing Calf Raise (3 sec eccen, 3 sec iso at bottom)
210x12 x12 x10

Weight didn't feel too light today, but I decided that I was going to gut it out anyway. Had a hard time keeping any kind of arch in my back, and it shows. I'm sure I'll feel that tomorrow and for a few days.

My contact almost popped out on my last rep and I got some nice blood freckles on my face. Considering I'm 17lbs lighter than before my last meet, and only 25lbs below my best estimated max at that bodyweight, I'm doing okay.

I decided to stop the RDLs because it just felt like it was more stress than necessary on my lower back in one session.

Think I've got my eye set on USAPL VA States on November 7th. I just checked the calender and realized that this is in 3.5 weeks. Damn, didn't even realize it was that close. At least making 181 would be a breeze.

Oh, and I suppose I should start posting some pictures soon in preparation for the bodybuilding contest. Perhaps I will.

sleepy time,
Matt McGorry

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