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10/15/2009 12:23:44 AM -
Bench and Fully Upper Body Video

Bench Press- Week 3/Wave 2- 10/14/09

1)Bench Press (all paused)

Estimated Max- 297lb

2a)Neutral Grip DB Bench Press
90x8 x8 x9

2b)DB Chest Supported Row (on decline bench)
105x10 x10 x8 x8

3a)Kesier Lateral Raise

3b)Keiser Curl

4a)Prone "Y" (45 degree incline)
10x10 x10

4b)External Rotation
Mini bandx15 x15

Still beat last weeks estimated max on the bench, despite the lower bodyweight. Strength still seems to be doing okay. I have a giant blister on my right heel and I'm looking forward to it exploding during cardio.


I had a truly baffling experience today. I can't name names and don't want to get into any serious details, but I was bringing one of the biggest actions stars into my gym today so that he could train on his own. This is a rarity at this gym, and none of the celebrity clients are even given this opportunity. But it happened.

After arriving an hour after he was scheduled to be there, I give him a brief tour and let him do his thing. Five minutes later, after I'm done with doing dynamic mobility stuff with my client, he's in the elevator with his assistant and gone.

I ask the front-desk guy what happened.

"He asked if we had an adductor machine". We don't, so he left.

I was truly baffled. We have probably the only gym in Manhattan that has a prowler, sleds, olympic lifting platforms and many other things, yet the guys workout was ruined without an adductor machine.

Truly amazing.

Matt McGorry

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