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10/24/2009 5:41:13 PM -
1st Posing Pics 11 Weeks Out and other BBing Thoughts

15 Days Out PLing Meet/11 Weeks Out BBing Show

BW- 183.6lb

10 Min AM fasted cardio but stopped because I ALMOST VOMITED

1)Narrow Grip Incline Bench (touch and go)

2)Pullups (prone grip)
BWx20 (fail on 21)

3a)Chest Supported T-Bar Row
80x10 90x8 x8 x8

3b)Incline Elbows Out Extension
40x10 x10

4a)Machine Lateral Raise
x12 x12 x10 x10

4b)Standing Zottman Curls
25x12 x12 x12

4c)Rear Delt Flys (machine)
x12 x10 x15

So in order to beat this sickness that I've been feeling, I slept 11.5 hours last night. Woke up weighing a pound and a half lighter than yesterday and quite hungry. Decided to take 2 Metabotrop, 1 tsp Elderberry extract, 50mg Zinc, 1 gram Vit C, 2 Rhodiola Rosea on an empty stomach. Started feeling nauseous on the way to the gym, but felt better by the time I was there.

10 minutes into my cardio, I ran to the bathroom and proceeded to have the "pre-vomit spits". You know, where this thick spit comes up right before you yak. I ended up holding it back, but knew that I had to eat. 2 meals later, I made it back to the gym for the upper body workout and cardio.

I snapped these 2 pictures at 11 weeks out. I will probably post more posing pics/videos as I get closer to competition, but at this point, I'm not ready. I gained some newfound respect for bodybuilders yesterday when I tried videotaping some posing. I was not as lean as I thought I was, my posing wasn't as good as I had thought, and my proportions were even less bodybuilder-esque than I had imagined. For some reason, I don't think you realize this until you try posing like a bodybuilder in your underwear.

The leanness will come with time, the proportion is too late to fix, and the posing will definitely get better. It's amazing how effortless the top bodybuilders make their movements look, but in reality, it's hard as hell to keep everything tight and in the right positions with that smile on your face.

On another note, I found a food that is a gift from heaven. I have to double check with Shelby that this is okay, but I made some boxed couscous today from a company called "Near East". I got it at Whole Foods, it took 5 minutes to cook, and the spices in it make it the best tasting meal that I've had in weeks. I think it might be a good idea for me to take a cooking class at some point, so I have some idea of how to use spices when cooking my food. Salt and brown rice is plenty delicious, but I think I can do better.

Not looking forward to shaving my body,
Matt McGorry

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