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10/27/2009 11:34:59 PM -
12 Days Out- Speed Deads- Tuesday

12 Days Out from "Tom Foley 7th Annual Bench & Deadlift Classic"

Tuesday- 10/27/09

1)Deadlift (for speed)(approx 60s rest)
330- 7x1

2)DB Bulgarian Split Squat
35x6 x6

3a)Glute Ham Raise
BWx8 x8 x8

3b)Decline Reverse Crunch

4a)Band Terminal Knee Extension
lightx12 x12

4b)Standing Calf Raise (holding KB)

Speed was excellent with the deadlifts. I felt so jacked up today and wanted to train heavy. The hard thing about powerlifting is that the more excited you are about the upcoming meet, the less you get to do in the gym. Drives me nuts.

Getting a massage tomorrow, which is one of the things I at least look forward to when I can't train as hard.

A little anxious worrying about peaking for the meet. It's been 4 years since my first meet, and only other push/pull.

One thing's for sure...I'm going to feel fresh come competition time. Part of me worries that I didn't have enough time in training for the meet to really make my body "earn" the peaking phase. But this is just me being neurotic, I'm sure.

Also excited for the cheat meal I'll get come meet day. Wonder what it shall be...

Additionally, I thought this video was hilarious.

Sleepy Time,
Matt McGorry

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