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10/28/2009 10:17:34 PM -
11 Days Out- Angry Coach Needs Your Help

11 Days Out- Wednesday- Bench Press

40 minutes fasted AM cardio

60 minute massage

1)Bench Press (paused)
250x1 x1 x1

2a)Neutral Grip DB Bench
85x6 x6

2b)Neutral Grip Fat Bar Chinup
BW+50lbx5 x4

3a)Keiser Cable Curls

3b)Keiser Lateral Raise

Man, losing weight looks good...but it sucks the fat one when it comes to benching. I felt like I had no stability off the chest or any kind of ability to use my lats.

I also got a massage early in the day, which usually makes me feel a little off when I lift the same day. And I lifted at the very end of my day. I used more caffeine today than I have in a while, and I felt like it had very little effect on me. 3 caps of Metabotrop (250mg), 1 grande (aka medium) cup of starbucks coffee, and an XS energy drink.

Angry Coach Needs Your Help

As most of the people on this site probably know, I'm don't do much shit talking or calling people out. I don't really think I'm doing either right now.

But the Angry Coach and I were talking and he mentioned, as he's stated in his log, that he's been slipping recently in terms of diet and body fat. We agreed that he's going to send me his before photos and that I'm follow along with his progress.

If he falls off, or doesn't follow through, then I'm going to post the before photos, with no "afters" in my training log. Only problem is, he hasn't sent me those photos yet. Now, if he lives up to the goal he sets, I won't do anything with either of the photos, and it's up to him whether he posts them or not. But noone wants "before" photos of themselves up with no "afters"...hence, the motivation.

I think that he might need a reminder from some of our readers. Shoot him a message on the Q&A to give him a little nudge in the right direction.

XTreme Weight Watchers,
Matt McGorry

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