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10/31/2009 4:26:06 PM -
9/8 Days Out Training

9 Days Out- Friday- 10/30/09

Bodyweight- 181lb (wow...)

40 minutes fasted AM cardio

280x2 x2 x2
300x1 x1 x2

2a)Glute Ham Raise
BWx8 x8
(different setting-further forward)x6

2b)Standing Ab Pulldown
52x10 x10 x10


8 Days Out- Saturday- 10/31/09

40 Minutes Fasted AM Cardio

Bodweight- 181.5lb

1)Bench Press (all paused)
205x2 x2 x2 x2

2a)Incline Elbows Out Extension
40x6 x6 x6

2b)Chest Supported T-Bar Row (prone, medium grip)

3a)Machine Lateral Raise
x10 x10 x8

3b)Standing DB Hammer Curl
35x10 x10 x8

4)Rear Delt Flys (machine)
75x10 x10 x10

My bodyweight dropped unexpectedly this week. Usually it goes down when my training volume is lower, but I wasn't expecting to hit 181 on Friday morning, as I was 185lb last Sunday. It's interesting to note big fluctuations like that when diet, cardio, and training is so objectively mapped out. Unexpected weight drops like that are pretty rare for me, so I think it must mean something.

I've backed off a little bit on the intensity of the cardio to keep the weight up a little bit. There's no point in make weight a week early for the meet.

Been feeling very tired recently, and I'm not sure if it's because I'm still sick or what. Works been quite busy too, which is great, but also draining. Despite a good amount of sleep, I'm continually feeling like I need more. I'll be going out tonight for Halloween, but trying to get to sleep at a decent hour, and getting a ton of sleep this week.

I'll also probably get a massage this week as well.

Wayne Cambell for Halloween,
Matt McGorry

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