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11/2/2009 10:19:06 PM -
6 Days Out- Full Body and Meet Goals/Attempts

6 Days Out from "7th Annual Tom Foley Classic Push/Pull" in Nanuet, NY

Bodyweight- 181.6lb

240x2 x2
280x2 x2 x2

2)Bench Press (all paused)
195x2 x2
205x1 x1 x1 x1

3a)Neutral Grip DB Bench
65x6 x6

3b)Ultra Wide Fat Grip Pullup
BWx8 x6 x6

3c)Glute Ham Raise
BWx5 x6

4a)Standing DB Curl
30x10 x10

4b)Standing DB Lateral Raise
35x8 x8

The weight is so close to meet weight that Shelby put me on a high carb day today. It's funny, I don't particularly like them when I'm adding size, but having a high day today after only mediums and lows was like Thanksgiving come early. Brown rice with soy sauce and almost 2 cups of oatmeal in chocolate metabolic drive tasted awesome.

Also, I got the day off from cardio for the first time in a few weeks, which was nice.

We might even do one more high carb day before the meet depending on what happens with my weight throughout the week.

Unfortunately, I won't be getting a cheat meal on meet day. Because we haven't had to push the diet as hard this time around leading up to the meet, Shelby doesn't think I "need" the cheat meal. So we're going to do a mix of a high day and a medium day during the meet. I'll see if I can convince him to throw in some potato know, for the bloat.

Also, this close to the meet, I find it better to just not think about it at times. I get too worked up when I do, so it's better for me to just pretend it's not coming, enjoy the down-time in training and let it come surprise me. But truthfully, I can't fucking wait to deadlift.

Meet Goals and Attempts

My best bench and deadlift at 181lb last February were 275lb and 545lb. If I can get 280-285lb on bench and 555-560lb on deadlift, I'll be happy. My bench will always be shit when I'm this light, but I'm really hoping for a 10lb deadlift PR at the least. Without having to squat before hand, I think this should be possible. A 5lb PR and I almost feel like it's not even worth it for the deadlift. But I'd really love to get a 560lb deadlift. That'd bump me from #41 on's rankings for Raw 181 to #28.

Since I really can't build the total in a push/pull meet, I care more about bodweight PRs for the 2 lifts.

Depending on how easy things feel in the warmup room I'm thinking


1st Attempt- 255lb
2nd Attempt- 280lb
3rd Attempt- 280lb for a second shot, or whatever's left


1st Attempt- 500lb-505lb
2nd Attempt- 555lb-560lb
3rd Attempt- Whatever's left. If I miss the second attempt, it's unlikely that I'll come back and get the third. Also, if I feel like I left 5-10lbs on the platform on the 2nd, I'll usually be too fatigued to make up the difference in the 3rd.

Here's my meet from last February.

So close,
Matt McGorry

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