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11/8/2009 9:26:32 AM -
Meet Results w/ Video

USAPL Tom Foley Bench & Deadlift Classic

My weight was pretty low the week leading up to the meet, and I had hit 180 and 181lb throughout the entire week before. I even took a high carb day Monday and Friday (the day before the meet).

The night before, I had some trouble sleeping, which isn't all that unusual for me. I got about 4.5 hours of sleep and was up at 5:45AM for a very quick 45 minute drive to Nanuet, NY.

I was happy to see some of the Albany Strength crew at the meet, as they are a great group of guys and lifters.

I weighed in at 178lb for the 181lb class. This definitely surprised me considering how easy my cut was. As I said, the day before was a high carb day, although low in sodium, and I drank a ton of water that day (although I usually do it 2-3 days before), and took 2 servings of Dry Shred on Friday. Not aggressive at all.

Bench Press

1st Attempt- 260lb (Good Lift)
Not the easiest lift, actually. I think there wasn't enough chalk up by the rear delts, and I slipped out of my arch a little bit when I started to press. My planned second attempt was 280lb for a 5lb PR, but I didn't feel quite comfortable going straight to this since the 260lb wasn't as easy as I'd hoped.

2nd Attempt- 275lb (Good Lift)
Was still a bit off. My wrist buckled a little bit on the way down. Essentially, I let the weight rest on my chest, reset my arm and pressed it up...slowly, I might add. At this point, I even considered skipping my last bench attempt. The pec-delt tie-in felt a little sore here too.

3rd Attempt- 280lb- 5lb PR (Good Lift)
Everything was absolutely perfect this time. It felt like I could have lost it at any time, but the technique ended up being exactly where it needed to be.


1st Attempt- 510lb (Good Lift)
The warmups didn't feel as fast as I had expected. 510lb was a bit slow off the floor, and my hips shot up as well. As I had made up my mind with before, I didn't want a 5lb PR here, so I would go for a 10lb one.

2nd Attempt- 555lb (No Lift)
With a slow start, I pulled it to right above the knee, and then had nothing left. I've seen a lot of shaking deadlifters before, but I've never been one myself. So I was surprised when my legs started quivering when I was still below my knee.

3rd Attempt- 555lb (No Lift)
I knew this wouldn't go. I can never come back from a hard miss and make a deadlift attempt. Didn't even budge this one off the floor.

Lessons and Future Plans

It's not easy to be a good powerlifter when you're skinny. I know this, and most people know this. I look at the video of myself on the platform, and I truly look thin. Makes me have my doubts about doing the bodybuilding show in 9 weeks. But, I said I would do it, so I'm going to stick it out.

The sad thing is, I'm now in the ideal place for my acting career. And funny enough, even my personal training business. Even clients seem to prefer the leaner look. But I sure as hell don't like how I lift with it.

My last meet at 181lb was in February, or 9 months ago. Going back and comparing apples to apples, I've put 5lbs on my bench in that time, and less than 10lbs on my deadlift. For the record, I think 550lb might have been doable, but that's not the point. It's still a ridiculously small increase in that time period.

A few weeks ago, someone suggested that I consider becoming a deadlift specialist. Although I didn't really like the idea, as I'm not a huge fan of single, or even 2-lift competitors, I've been giving it some thought. Quite simply, I need more mass on my upper body if I'm going to bench a significant amount more, and I need more mass all over if I'm going to squat a decent amount.

The deadlift, being less bodyweight dependent than the other two, can still be built without putting on a ton of size. And if I were to pull back on the energies spent in building my back squat, I could probably get the deadlift up even faster. One thing that I can afford to do is put muscle on my legs, glutes, and erectors. Doing this while staying relatively lean is no easy task and will take a long time. But if I can put 10lbs of solid muscle on there over a long period of time, my deadlift (and eventually squat) should have something to show for it.

And finally, I think I need to find a crew to train with once a week. I have noone to push me and have essentially been training along for a long time now.

Things to think about,
Matt McGorry

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