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11/9/2009 10:53:12 PM -
Lower Body- Monday- 11/9

Lower Body- Monday- 11/9 (2 days post-meet)

1a)BB Reverse Lunge
135x8/side x6 x8

1b)Ab Wheel
BWx12 x12 x15

2a)Roller Pad- Glute-Ham Raise w/Back Extension
BWx8 x8 x8 x8 x8

2b)Keiser Cable Pallof Press
27x12 x12 23x12

I have a feeling that I'm going to be sore as hell. I'm going to make sure that I'm getting in those 50 reps of glute hams at least once per week. I moved the setting forward, and it's made it significantly harder. It's not as effective as an EFS Glute Ham model, by any means, but it's now quite a bit more difficult. I really fought like hell to get those glutes through at the top.

I'll move back to the competition lifts next week. But for this week, I'm going to just beef up the volume on assistance work.

I have a renewed sense of purpose and am confident that I will get that 555lb deadlift and more next time.

Oh, and I've now been bumped up to 60 minutes of cardio, 7 days a week. Boring as hell, so I'm trying to trick myself by switching between the treadmill, elliptical, and back to the treadmill.

Take the hit,
Matt McGorry

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