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11/16/2009 11:40:54 PM -
Deadlift- Wave 1/Week 1- 11/17

Wave 1/Week 1- 11/17/09- Monday

8 Weeks Out from Bodybuilding Show

Bodyweight- 179.6lb

(85%)417.5x10 (belt)

Estimated Max- 557lb*

2)Snatch Grip Deadlift (w/straps)

3)Glute Ham Raise (on Nebula model)
BWx7 x10 x10

------20 minutes later, at another gym----

3a)Glute Ham Raise (on roller model)
BWx10 x8 x8

3b)Ab Wheel (on 4 inch platform)
BWx10 x10 x15

Went to my usual deadlift gym today with one of the EFS readers and another trainer from my gym. It ended up being closed, actually shut down, for the day for some unknown reason. Thinking quickly, I remembered another gym about a 15 minute walk away that someone had mentioned to me on here.

One of the few gyms in the City, this place was equipped with an o-lift platform and bumper plates. I could literally slam the weights as hard as I wanted and it would barely make a was awesome.

Anyway, deadlifts went quite well. Especially considering that it's my first meet day back from the meet. This is only 10lbs under my estimated max in my last deadlift before the meet, and that was with an extra 7lbs of bodyweight.

They also had a glute ham raise at this gym, which surprised the shit out of me. No luck on it being an EFS model, but it was a non-roller model so I decided to give it a whirl. Definitely harder and more effective than the roller model. I left the gym with my other buddy and finished up the session a few minutes later.

I actually did get a video today, but my back was so horribly rounded that I dare not post it. The snatch grip deads might help me learn to get a little more of an arch. I haven't used these in about 4 years, when my deadlift was weak off the ground, but they helped immensely at that time.

Also got a high day and the day off from cardio, as Shelby said I'm a little ahead of schedule. That's always awesome to hear.

Matt McGorry

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