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11/30/2009 9:35:50 PM -
Deadlift success and holiday marketing idea for trainers

Deadlift- Monday- W3/W1- 11/30/09

BW- 177lb

60 minutes of AM fasted cardio (incline treadmill)

---- 3 hours later -----

(85%)412.5(belt on)x3

Estimated Max- 555lb

2)Snatch Grip Deadlift (no belt/with straps)
320x3 x3 x4

3a)Glute Ham Raise
BWx10 x10 x10 x10 x10

3b)TRX Fallout
BWx8 10 x8 x10

4)Single Leg Glute Bridge (between 2 benches)
BWx10 x10

Cardio- So I've noticed that when I'm watching a movie on the treadmill, I tend to keep the pace pretty consistent the whole time, right around 4 mph on a 4 degree incline. When I'm just listening to music, I tend to jack up the incline and change the speed around to keep myself "entertained" a little more. So I'm going to take 15 minutes from my morning cardio sessions and go without a DVD.

Also, in my PM cardio sessions which I will now be doing for 25 minutes on my low days, I'll go with just music for the whole time to keep the intensity a little higher.

Lifting- Very happy with my deadlift today. It was 2.6xBW for 6 reps. It's 2lbs below my estimated max at the beginning of this wave, but I always give more weight (no pun intended) to the calculated maxes based on heavier weights. Also, I'm 3lbs or so lighter now.

I was out of it all day today. I left my house and went into the train station without my food, so I had to go back and get it. At Starbucks I was putting Splenda in my coffee when a woman next to me walked away with her coffee and I almost said something because I thought it was mine...despite being in my hand. Then I forgot my chalk at the gym I work at when I was going to my other gym. And I had two instances of getting really lightheaded today, and felt like I came about 70% to blacking out.

Anyway, with all the stuff going on, I wasn't going to have time to lift at my new DL gym before making it back for my 5:30PM client. So I lifted at Peak and was hoping that I wouldn't slam the weights loud enough to get complaints from the people downstairs. Despite using a good deal of energy lowering the weights under control, I think I might have had one more "shit-my-pants" of a rep.

Also, with the Poliquin seminar going on 5 feet from me, I was doing my best not to do a death scream and call attention to myself.

Personal Training Marketing Idea
I'm not sure if I came up with this or if I heard about it from Ryan Lee. Anyway, this holiday season, I've decided to make up gift cards that are essentially for clients to give their loved ones or friends.

It's got my website, the gym, the value of the session, and a Jan 31st expiration date. I always ask my clients for referrals (as any trainer should) and tell them that I'll give their referral a complimentary session. But I believe it will be different actually having a piece of paper, printed on holiday themed quality paper no-less, they have something that they can give to a friend, family member, or loved one. It's essentially giving the client something that they can give to someone else with a definite monetary value attached ("Complimentary Training Session- $--- Value").

I'm giving out 2 per client, so we'll see what happens.

duck season,
Matt McGorry

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