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12/4/2009 8:09:01 PM -
Squat- Week 3/Wave 1- Friday

Week 3/Wave 1- Friday- 12/4/09

Bodyweight- 176.4

60 minutes fasted AM cardio (watched "Airplane")

---- few hours later ----

1)Safety Squat Bar Squat (narrow stance)
245x5 x5 x5 x5

2a)Glute Ham Raise (roller model)
BW+10lbx8 x8 x8 x8 x8

2b)Sicilian Crunch
10lbx8 x8 x8 x8

Glute Activiation Circuit

3)Hip Thrust on Bench
2x10 (5 sec iso at top)

2x10 (5 sec iso at top)

5)Side Lying Clam
2x10 (5 sec iso at top)

6)Standing Single Leg Calf Raise (KB in one hand/4 sec eccentric)
16lbx8 x8
13lbx8 x8

Really busted my ass on the SSB Squats today. The GHRs got way stronger from last week as well. 2 weeks ago, I was doing 5x6 with this weight, last week I did 3 sets and this week was 5x8. Although I'll be deloading on the squat and deadlift, I'll probably keep the volume up on the GHRs.

Going to start working on some more targeted glute activation work. My back and hamstrings have taken over my dealift. This sucks because my ass has gotten smaller (or at least in proportion) and because it means I'm more likely to get injured. I'm experimenting with the ideas from this T-Muscle article;

Despite the weight not dropping very much recently, I feel like I'm still getting leaner. I'm able to see a lot more of the muscle in my legs at this point, especially up near the hip and top of the thigh.

My friend and great powerlifting coach Matt Gary just posted a new article that is worth reading, especially for the raw lifter.

they call them knee break squats for a reason,
Matt McGorry

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