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12/5/2009 11:54:10 PM -
Incline Bench- 5 Weeks Out from BBing Show

12/6/09- Saturday- Week 3/Wave 1

5 Weeks Out from the Bodybuilding Show

BW- 176.4lb

60 minutes AM fasted cardio (started to watch "Thank You For Smoking" far, so good)

--- few hours later ----

1)Incline Bench Press

Estimated Max- 227lb (tied last week exactly)

2a)Elbow-Out DB Row (head on bench)
80x10 x10 x10 x10

2b)Seated DB Lateral Raise
37.5x10 x10 x10

3a)Decline DB Tricep Extension
40x10 x10 x8

3b)EZ Bar Curl
EZ+55lbx10 x10 (rest pause)x6 x4 x3

Bodyweight is still not dropping drastically, but I'm definitely getting leaner here. As much as the bench and incline bench might be going down, the other stuff (isolation arm work and back work) seems to be getting stronger. But this is also what happens when you're doing a movement that you don't specialize in.

It's amazing how much I think about food now. I get excited for my meals the next day the night before. I had a sandwich of cold cut turkey the other day on sprouted grain Ezekiel bread with mustard. It tasted so damn good.

On a side note, it's interesting to notice how people react to your differently when you weight about 30lbs less. I get so many more looks from women these days. Too bad I'm too lazy and busy with training to actually pursue any of this right now, haha. Perhaps I'll rally and join the dating scene again in some limited capacity.

logging 12.5 hours of working out per week,
Matt McGorry

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