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12/10/2009 10:37:38 PM -
Squat Deload- More tasty food experiments

Squat Deload- Week 4/Wave 1

Thursday- 12/10/09

Bodyweight- 174.2lb

60 minutes AM fasted cardio (finished watching "Universal Soldier: The Return"- Not as good as the first one without Dolph. For some reason, the first one was corny but awesome, and this one was corny but...not. Just started "The Da Vinci Code")

--- few hours later ---

1a)Glute Ham Raise (roller model)
BW+10lbx10 x10 x10 x10 x10

1b)Sicilian Crunch (on swiss ball)
15lbx8 x8 x6 x6

Glute Activation Circuit (5 sec iso at top of each rep)

2)Hip Thrust


4)Side Lying Clam

My heels are all blistered and pretty painful from all the cardio. It's my own fault for walking on my heels during the cardio. I'm going to do some fan bike for my evening cardio session tomorrow night.

Glute Hams were strong today, time to bump up the intensity. Of course, I wasn't squatting before hand, so that makes a difference.

I usually do Thurs/Fri and lifting days, and therefore medium days, but I think that I'm going to break them up so I don't have 2 low days (and double cardio days) in a row.

I'm making quinoa for the first time tonight. I'm trying it in chicken broth so it's nice and salty. Haven't touched brown rice since I discovered couscous and some other tasty carbs like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, sprouted grain breads, and berries and apples (well since I discovered that they are allowed) haha.

I haven't had eggs in over a year. I burnt myself out on them over a year ago because I was eating them every day, but damn they are delicious now. I made the egg whites with some sea salt, garlic and onion powder, and put them over 2 toasted, sprouted grain tortillas with a little bit of salsa. Since they're only 15 grams of carbs a piece, I had 3/4 of a cup of leftover tri-color pre-spiced couscous.

For my last meal tonight, I went with Bumblebee canned shrimp and tuna (heated up), a little bit of raspberry salsa, and soy sauce, eaten on lettuce leafs. I sound like I have an eating disorder, but it's amazing how much using a "wrap" like this makes it more satisfying to me. It takes longer to eat and tricks you into thinking there's more to the meal than spooning fish into your mouth.

Going to experiment tomorrow with making better "pie crust" out of the sprouted grain English muffins.

Sorry if this is annoying for people, but like I said, food is on my mind all the time now.

I love medium days,
Matt McGorry

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