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12/12/2009 7:22:04 PM -
Deload Upper Body- 4 Weeks Out

Deload Upper Body- Saturday- 12/12/09

Bodyweight- 172.6lb (big drop- perhaps this will level out tomorrow)

60 Minutes AM fasted cardio (continuing "The Da Vinci Code"- of course, I had to get off right when they're about to find the Holy Grail...sort of makes me look forward to more cardio tomorrow)

--- few hours later ---

Attended an in-house Kettlebell seminar with some moderate workouts built in

--- afterwards ---

1a)Elbows Out DB Row (head on bench)
85x8 x8 x8 x8

1b)Seated DB Lateral Raise
35x8 x8 x8 x8

2a)Ultra Wide Fat Grip Pullup
BW+15lbx8 x8

2b)Decline DB Tricep Extension
42.5x6 x6

3a)Standing EZ Bar Curl
EZ+60x10 x10 x8

3b)Supinated Grip Cable Tricep Extension (bent bar)

Workout was nice and brief. Still getting stronger in most of these movements.

And of course, I'll go back to my usual topic of food. As I had mentioned before, I haven't had eggs for over a year, until just a few days ago. Now, I feel like I discovered a woman that I loved and lost long ago. And every morning we make passionate love. Just kidding...but seriously. I'm not kidding.

Anyway, I finally bought the big size of the sprouted grain tortillas (24 grams of carbs each) so that I don't have to try and jam the stuff together in 2 separate ones. As it's a medium day, I still had 30 grams or so of carbs left over, so I lined the inside of the tortilla with the quinoa. While cooking the eggs, I broke up and mixed in a slice of smoked cold cut turkey. Had this with a diet peach Snapple. Tasted wonderful.

For meal 4, which I suppose we can call dinner, since it was at 8PM, I cooked round eye steak and some pre-cooked shrimp from whole foods. I put the shrimp in a pan with a little less than a 1 tbs of natural taco sauce (1 gram of carb per tbs). Heated up some frozen snow peas and brocolli with soy sauce on them and then put it all out over some lettuce leaves. Enjoyed with a glass of Coke Zero.

I've been hesitant to cook with olive oil in the past, since I generally prefer to eat my fats from nuts, but I think that using some oil with the shrimp might have been tasty. Might try this next time. Also exploring some options for making a peanut sauce.

For the protein ice cream creation, I picked up some Raw Unsweetened Cacao nibs
and coconut shavings. The only thing I'd use this in is a some kind of protein powder based meal, but I won't use more than a teaspoon of both. With this stuff, I think the key is really to view it more like a spice; you just want to have it to enhance the flavor of the main dish, just for a little taste. Same with salsas, fat free pasta sauce, etc. I usually just got with a teaspoon here and there.

I'm the new Rachel Ray,
Matt McGorry

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