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12/17/2009 10:33:34 PM -
Squat- Wave 2/Week 1- Thursday

Squat/Wave 2/Week 1- Thursday

Bodyweight- 174lb

60 minutes AM fasted cardio (almost done with the cinematic masterpiece that is known as "Street Fighter")

--- few hours later ---

1)Safety Squat Bar Box Squat (3" below parallel- narrow stance)
245x5 x5 x5 x5 x5

2)Glute Ham Raise (roller model)(elevated the back setting on the GHR this week one level)
(elevated whole GHR on 5" platform)
BW+10lbx8 x8 x8 x8

Glute Activation Circuit (5 sec iso at top)

3)Single Leg Hip Thrust (between benches)

4)Quadruped Hip Extension

5)Side-Lying Clam

That's all I had time for. I'm happy with my performance on the SSB box squats. I was squatting higher (free squat) using a similar weight the last training wave, and I'd say it's harder off the box. This should really help bring up the deadlift.

My training volume for lower body has inadvertently dropped a bit, but I'm fine with it. The less volume, the more I can recover in spite of the diet and massive amounts of cardio. Glutes are definitely getting stronger and "waking up"...this should contribute to a bigger deadlift in the long run.

The life is being sucked out of me slowly. I can't believe how busy I've become. I'm so behind on emails and everything else, it feels like I'm rushing to constantly catch up. Thought about tallying up a bit of my time spent preparing for the contest today, in a given week.

Cardio- 9 hours 15 minutes (60 minutes every morning, 45 minutes on low days 3x per week)

Lifting- 4 Hours (including warmups/foam rolling, etc)

Packing Meals- 3.5 hours (30 minutes per morning including weighing, separating, etc)

Cooking- 3 hours approx (cooking meats, breakfast, dinner, grains, etc)

Grocery Shopping- more time than I care to admit. I probably go shopping every day simply because I now enjoy walking through the grocery store in some sick way.

Definitely over 20 hours per week. No wonder people want to become professional and get paid for this.

time to make meal 6,
Matt McGorry

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