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12/21/2009 11:03:37 PM -
Deadlift Video and CollegeHumor video I'm in

12/22/09- Monday- Wave 2/Week 2

21 Days Out from BBing Show

Bodyweight- 172lb

70 minutes AM fasted cardio (incline treadmill walking while watching "My Cousin, Vinnie"- I'd only seen parts of it up until this point, what an awesome movie)

Had to make up an extra 10 minutes that I missed yesterday because the gym was closing

--- few hours later ---

Walked a mile to the gym and then back to make up for part of an AM cardio session that I'm not going to be able to do on Xmas eve day.


Estimated Max- 558lb (only 5lbs behind estimated max from last week)

2)Glute Ham Raise (Nebula Model)
BWx10 x10 x10 x10 x10

--- walked a mile back to the gym where I work ----

Glute Activation Circuit (5 sec iso at top of each rep)

3)Single Leg Glute Bridge

4)Quadruped Hip Extension

5)Lying Abduction

Legs were fatigued today going into this training session. Did 9 hours of cardio the week prior, so that explains it. Also, haven't been getting much sleep lately, mainly because I'm so busy now and end up going to bed later and waking up earlier since I seem to always be cooking.

From the video, it's pretty evident to me that my glutes are kicking back in again. The glute activation circuit is a pain in the ass (no pun intended) because it's 15 minutes of "weenie" exercises that involve "feelin' the burn"...but I can't argue with the results. I'm keeping more neutral at the lumbar spine on the deadlifts, and I can feel the glutes starting to work at lockout. You can really see this on the last rep.

Made one of the tastiest non-"dessert" meals ever today. I didn't realize until recently that Shelby is cool with me having 96% lean ground beef. So I haven't had ground beef in over a year. For my post workout meal, I made a kind of spaghetti, meat chili using Ezekiel-brand spaghetti (sprouted grain), crushed tomatoes, kidney beans, and the ground beef. Of course with some spices thrown in. So unbelievably good. Definitely going to be a new staple...too bad the 96% lean is a little hard to find.

Also, here's a small part I played in a new video.

limping from blisters,
Matt McGorry

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