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12/24/2009 5:55:53 PM -
19 Days Out- Holiday Dieting

19 Days Out from BBing Show- Bench/Upper Body

BW- 170lb

70 minutes fasted AM Cardio (watching "Flags of Our Fathers")

--- way later in the evening ---

1)Bench Press (all paused)

Estimated Max- Not worth mentioning

2a)DB Row
110x8 x10

2b)Incline Neutral Grip DB Bench
65x10 x10

3a)Alt DB Curl
35x10/side x8 x7

3b)DB Lateral Raise
35x12 x10

4)DB Zottman Curl

Felt like garbage today. I canceled half of my sessions because I started feeling freezing and just couldn't get warm. Put on my winter coat while training clients on the gym floor but I couldn't even stand near any of the fans.

This was the first time that I was tempted to break the diet. I took my temperature at home and it was 97.4, if I remember correctly, which I believe is below where is normal. But this is just part of the process as I understand it. After a nap, I felt a lot better. I've been having trouble finding the time to sleep more than 6-7 hours a night because I'm working so much, always cooking, and getting up earlier than usual to do cardio, pack meals, and cook breakfast. Just seems like there's not enough time in the day.

Last night I slept 10 hours, and this was awesome. I'm going to try and use the holiday time off from work to get as much sleep in as possible.

This was the first training session where I could feel a big drop-off in strength. It's crunch time.

By the way, I now understand why there are barely any bodybuilding shows right after the holidays. Eating shit food and comfort food is so entrenched into our culture and way of life during the holiday season that it makes things all that much more difficult. I know that this would be hard at any time of year, but I can only imagine that it is especially difficult now. Also, factor in gym holiday hours, travel, family get-togethers and being cold from a lack of bodyfat.

I went upstate to visit one of my best friends and old training partners. He lives in LA now so I rarely get to see him. We share a special bond of training and eating foods like brownies, cookies, ice cream and everything else imaginable. It was difficult resisting this while his family had an impromptu BBQ at 2AM.

At this point, I'm no longer counting the weeks, but the days.

Merry Hungry Christmas,
Matt McGorry

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