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12/27/2009 8:12:09 PM -
2 Weeks Out Posing Video

2 Weeks Out- Wave 2/Week 2

Saturday- 12/26/09

No AM Cardio (high carb day)

1)SSB LOOOWWW Box Squat (w/bootleg bar)

2a)Lying Leg Curl
170x6 x8

2b)Decline Abs
x8 x8 x8 x8

Glute Activation Circuit (5 sec iso at the top of each rep)

3)Single Leg Hip Thrust (between benches- foot bench higher than back)


5)Side-Lying Clam

Sunday- 12/27/09

60 minutes AM fasted cardio (finished "Flags of Our Fathers")

--- later that day ---

1)Incline BB Bench

2a)Ultra Wide Grip Pullup
+25lbx8 x8

2b)Incline Elbows Out Tricep Extension
35x10 x9

3a)Low to High Cable Chest Fly
48x10 x10

3b)Supine Grip Cable Tricep Extension
36x10 x8 x8 x10

4a)Seated DB Hammer Curl
35x10 x10 x8

4b)Rear Delt DB Flys (45 Degree incline)
15lb(prone grip)x12 (supine grip)x5

Starting to get there, for sure. In posing, I need to remember to keep my legs tight the whole time. It's so easy to forget, but it'll really screw things up if I don't keep flexing them.

Shelby emailed me the last weeks protocol for lifting, cardio, water, sodium, etc. Strangely enough, I'm now getting excited. Perhaps it's because I know it's almost over, or maybe it's just because there are Fritos, double cheeseburgers, and regular fat ground beef in the pre-contest plan.

Also, there was a fire in my building tonight. People broke some windows, the fire dept came in and were running around the building. Could have been far as I know, noone was hurt and the worst damage was that they basically knocked my door in and destroyed the deadbolt. One family had accidentally locked themselves out of their apartment with their baby still in there. My friend was able to kick the door open after two guys couldn't do it. There are some real-world applications of powerlifting afterall.

devious little Shelby,
Matt McGorry

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